Bloom Behavior Therapy, located in Paducah, provides behavioral intervention services to families in the greater western Kentucky, southern Illinois, southeast Missouri and northwest Tennessee communities who have children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Specializing in applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy and school consultation, we offer personalized treatment by a local Board Certified Behavior Analyst PhD (BCBA-D).

Applied Behavior Analysis, or ‘ABA’, is the application of basic learning principles discovered through decades of scientific research in the experimental analysis of behavior. The application of these principles allows behavior analysts and other practitioners to design and implement treatment programs to address undesirable or problematic behavior, but also to teach new and adaptive patterns of living that can foster emotional well-being, fulfillment, and independence. From a behavioral perspective, the cause of behavior lies primarily in the environment and through the assessment and manipulation of variables that exist there, great progress can be made. The social scientific literature is rich with examples of how this theoretical perspective has been successful in the treatment of many forms of common psychological problems such as autism, clinical disorders like depression or anxiety, and addiction.

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333 Broadway Street (US Bank Building)
 Suite 501
Paducah, KY 42001

(270) 908-0461

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We are also entering into a network agreement with Kentucky Medicaid for SCL & Michelle P Waiver cases!

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Kentucky Association for Behavior Analysts

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